Machine Operation Regular Maintenance

Machine Operation Maintenance

Machine Operation :: Regular Maintenance

Your Spaceman USA machine requires regular maintenance in order to operate at peak performance for years to come.  Much like changing the oil or replacing the tires on your car, your Spaceman USA machine needs some regular maintenance.  Some of this maintenance can be performed by the end user during a regular cleaning.  Other maintenance requires an authorized service technician to be performed correctly.

Note:  The more often you clean and maintain your machine, the better product consistency you'll experience.  Your machine will also last longer and experience fewer service events when it is properly maintained.
Regular Maintenance
  1. Quarterly
    1. Replace Tune Up Kits – Spaceman recommends replacing all wearable parts once per quarter.  See Soft Serve Tune Up Kits or Frozen Beverage Tune Up Kits for more information.
    2. Replace Scraper Blades 
    3. Inspect Inside of Machine for cleanliness
  2. Annually
    1. Schedule annual maintenance to clean condensing units, check belt tension, and overall machine performance.  
  3. Repair
    1. While most parts can be replaced by the operator, some maintenance or repair tasks require a professional service technician.  Spaceman’s Help Desk provides detailed instructions on repairing and replacing most major components, and Spaceman Technical Support is always available to connect you with an Authorized Service Agent to keep your machine running at peak performance.   
Notice:  If your equipment is having issues related to product quality, or encountering STOP protections, Spaceman USA may require you to first Clean & Lubricate the machine and conduct preventative maintenance (including replacing quarterly wearable parts) in order to perform troubleshooting or warranty service.

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