Scraper Blades

Scraper Blades

Parts and Accessories :: Determining Correct Scraper Blades

All Spaceman USA machines utilize Scraper Blades to produce soft-serve or frozen beverage product.  These scraper blades attach to the beater / auger inside the freezing cylinder.  Spaceman USA scraper blades are sometimes referred to as flex-blade style, which means that there are no springs or other mechanisms required for operation, the blades flex open when the beater turns, allowing the blade to scrape frozen product off the cylinder walls.

Prior to 2020, Spaceman USA scraper blades came as a 2-pieces: the wearable plastic blade and a metal clip that strengthened the blade for operation.  We refer to these blades as Version 1 (V1).  In 2020, all models began transitioning to a single-piece scraper blade that eliminates the requirement for the metal clip.  These blades are thicker with significant plastic reinforcement.  We refer to these blades as Version 2 (V2).  All machines that have shipped with a V2 beater (auger) will utilize the single-piece blades.  

Version 1 Parts
Dual-Piece Scraper Blades + Metal Clip
Use with V1 Beaters

Version 2 Parts
Single-Piece Scraper Blades, no clip

Use with V2 Beaters

No Clip Required

 Scraper Blade Chart

Scraper Blade


Fits Models (all configurations)

Scraper Blade - Plastic - 3.4qt – 205mm V1 (6 Pack)

V1 Beaters: SM-6236, SM-6260, SM-6378, SM-6338

Scraper Blade - Plastic - 1.8qt – 151mm V1 (6 Pack)

V1 Beaters: SM-6220, SM-6228, SM-6235, SM-6250, SM-6265, SM-6268

Scraper Blade - Plastic – FB/1.3qt – 246mm V1 (3 Pack)

V1 Beaters: SM-6210, SM-6450, SM-6490, SM-6455, SM-6650, SM-6690, SM-6695, SM-6795

Scraper Blade - Plastic - Large – 232mm V2 (2 Pack)

V2 Beaters: SM-6210-C

Scraper Blade - Plastic - Small – 152mm V2 (4 Pack)

V2 Beaters: SM-6220, SM-6228-C, SM-6235-C, SM-6250-C, SM-6265, SM-6268

Scraper Blade - Plastic – X-Large – 245mm V2 (2 Pack)

V2 Beaters: SM-6455-C, SM-6650-C, SM-6690-C, SM-6695-C, SM-6795-C

Scraper Blade – Plastic – Med – 200mm V2 (4 Pack)

V2 Beaters: SM-6236-C, SM-6378-C, SM-6338-C

Scraper Blade Replacement

Scraper blades should be replaced every 3-6 months depending on usage.  In some cases, they may need to be replaced more often.  Indications that your scraper blades need to be replaced include suddenly icy product, large chunks of frozen product, or sudden freeze-ups.  When the scraper blades wear out, it is most notable along the edges of the blade.  The edges will become rough and will form an arc if placed along a flat surface.  

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