Soft Serve: Troubleshooting Machine Not Cooling

SS: Troubleshooting Machine Not Cooling

Troubleshooting : Soft Serve   ::  Not Cooling


If your Spaceman USA machine is not cooling, there are often some very simple reasons that can be quickly checked to resolve the issue.  Please follow and verify the steps below to troubleshoot and resolve your issue.

Warning:  Operating the machine with the doors off is dangerous.  Please be careful not to place your hands or any objects inside the freezing cylinder when in operation.  Failure to do so may cause severe injury.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Verify Machine Clearance and Environment.  Most Spaceman USA machines require 4-6” of clearance on both sides and the rear of the machine.  Verify that the machine has adequate clearance and that the intake and exhaust vents are not blocked by walls, other equipment, utensils, etc.  If clearance is less than 4”, please first provide adequate machine ventilation before proceeding.  For optimal performance, Spaceman USA machines should be operated in environments with an ambient temperature of less than 90°F, or 32°C.  If your ambient temperature is higher than this, please attempt to provide additional cooling or ventilation for the machine.  See the SS: Best Practices Article for more information.
  2. Perform Routine Machine Disassembly, Cleaning, and Assembly.  Disassemble, clean, and re-assemble your machine per the machine manual.  Please pay close attention that all parts are installed in the correct orientation, are lubricated properly, and that all wearable parts have been replaced within the last three (3) months.  Most importantly, verify that your drive shaft at the back of the cylinder is clean and has sufficient lubrication and that your scraper blades are not work out and installed in the correct orientation.  During the priming and purging step, ensure that your machine has been purged of all sanitizer and has been primed correctly.  In soft-serve machines, product should flow out of the prime port when primed correctly.
    Note: If your machine is equipped with an air-pump, ensure that the air-pump is primed correctly prior to installing the air injection tube.
    Potential Solution:  Replace wearable parts kit, and/or air pump tune up kit.
  3. Verify Viscosity Settings and Product.  Verify the viscosity setting on your machine has not changed recently and has been set correctly.  You may need to increase your viscosity if it is set too low.
    Note: If you use a mixed, custom or other product that is not a commercially available pre-mixed product, also verify that the product Brix level is correct and that your product is mixed correctly with the normal amount of sugar, fat, water, alcohol (if applicable), etc.
  4. Verify internal machine cleaning .  Any visible build-up of dust and debris on your condenser can cause degraded cooling performance.  Sometimes, you can view your condenser through the exhaust fan and visually inspect for any dust or dirt that may be clogging your condenser.  Spaceman recommends cleaning the condenser on your equipment at least once per year.  Over time, your condenser may become clogged with dust, dirt, and other debris.  Outside of clearance, this is the number one cause of degraded performance, especially in environments that are susceptible to excess build-up on the condenser.  In environments that use lot of grease, flour, or other powdery food substances, or environments that are open to the outdoors, or otherwise susceptible to increased dust, the machine condenser may need to be cleaned more than once per year.  Most refrigeration technicians and service companies offer services to regularly clean your condensers and keep your machine running optimally.
    Solution: Contact your Spaceman Authorized Service Agent to schedule a yearly maintenance service.
  5. Verify Machine Operation :: Please see the SS: Verify Controls article to verify the mechanical operation.
  6. Perform a Frost Check
    Note: If you have followed Troubleshooting Steps 1-5, and all of the components are turning on and working and your machine is still not cooling down, it is possible there is an issue with your refrigeration system.  This is simple test that we use to quickly determine if your machine has a low-refrigeration charge or other issue.
    Solution:  If your machine passes a Frost Check, then your refrigeration system is working correctly.  Please contact Spaceman Technical Support for further troubleshooting, and be sure to have information about all prior steps performed available to assist the technician in determining the next steps.

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