Soft Serve: Replacing Legacy Control Boards

SS: Replacing Legacy Control Boards

How-To Guide :: Soft Serve :: Replacing Legacy Control Boards


Spaceman machines (excluding the SM-6210 and SM-6218) manufactured prior to 2015 utilized what we call a Legacy Control board and power board.  These legacy controls are easily identifiable by looking at the Power Board.  On a Legacy Power Board, the amp sensor will be a green 2-pin connector with 2 black wires attached to it:

These Legacy boards are no longer in production and have been replaced by a new version.  If your machine is equipped with a legacy control system, you must replace the following three components when a control board or power board fails:

  1. Control Board
  2. Power Board
  3. Ribbon Cable
It is strongly recommended to replace all control and power boards in the machine when upgrading to the new control system.

The part numbers to replace on your machine are as follows:

Part Number


Models (all configurations)

Control Board – SS – Vertical

SM-6225, SM-6228, SM-6235, SM-6236, SM-6240, SM-6245, SM-6250, SM-6260, SM-6338, SM-6378

Control Board – SS – Horizontal – 6265/6268

SM-6265, SM-6268

Control Board – SS – Horizontal – 6220


Power Board – SS – Universal

All Models

Ribbon Cable – 20 Pin – Universal

All Models

Required Tools
  1. Metric Hex Driver or Allen key set
  2. Flathead Screwdriver set
  3. Philips-head screwdriver set
  4. Metric Wrench set or adjustable wrench
  5. Metric Socket set
  6. Wire stripping tool 
  7. Wire nuts

How to Replace Legacy Control Board and Power Board

Warning:  Electrical Shock.  Always ensure machine is powered off AND unplugged from the wall whenever performing service on the control board or power board.  Risk of high-voltage electrical shock.
Special Note:  When following the standard Control Board and Power Board replacement instructions, you will be replacing the existing ribbon cable with a new 20-pin ribbon cable.  You will also be wiring the motor wires differently to the amp sensor, and can omit these steps until Step 3 below.

  1. Refer to the SS: Replacing Control Board article for replacing the control board.  Omit connecting the ribbon cable.
  2. Refer to the SS: Replacing Power Board article for replacing the power board.  Omit connecting the ribbon cable or the motor wires through the amp sensor.
  3. Remove and discard the original 16-pin grey ribbon cable.
  4. Install new 20-pin ribbon cable. Follow the same path used by the 16-pin cable that was removed, and secure in place with zip ties.  Be careful not to damage or over-tighten any mounting points.
  5. Connect both sides of the ribbon cable to the power board and control board respectively.
  6. On the legacy power board, the motor wires were connected to a green 2-pin connector.  With the new power board, you will need to cut off the pin at the end of these wires, and use wire strippers to strip approximately ½ inch of bare wire at the end of each wire.
  7. Run one of the motor wires through the blue amp-sensor on the new power board, and then splice the two wires together using an appropriately sized wire nut.
  8. Follow the instructions in the SS: Verify Controls article to ensure the new power board is operating correctly.

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