Soft Serve: Replacing Control Board

SS: Replacing Control Board

How-To Guide :: Soft Serve :: Replacing Control Board

All Spaceman Soft Serve machines are equipped with a digital control board.  There is one control board per flavor.  This board reads all of the sensors and switches on the machine, determines when each component should be turned on or off, and then sends signals to the power-board to turn the various motors, compressors, etc. on or off.

Special Note:  If your machine Serial Number starts with a 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15, you may need to refer to the SS: Replacing a Legacy Control Board article.  If you have an older control board, you must update both your control board and power board at the same time. 

Parts Ordering: The replacement Control Board can be purchased via PartsTown.  Please see below for correct part number

Part Number



Control Board – SS – Vertical

Legacy Flat-Front Models:  SM-6225, SM-6228, SM-6235, SM-6236, SM-6240, SM-6245, SM-6250, SM-6260, SM-6338, SM-6378

Control Board – SS – Horizontal – 6265/6268

Legacy Flat-Front Models: SM-6265, SM-6268

Models Ending in -C: SM-6210-C, SM-6228-C, SM-6236-C, SM-6235-C, SM-6236-C, SM-6250-C, SM-6378-C

Control Board – SS – Horizontal – 6220


Control Board – SS – Heat Treat

All Heat-Treat Machines

Required Tools

  1. Metric Hex Driver or Allen key set
  2. Flathead Screwdriver set
  3. Philips-head screwdriver set
  4. Metric Wrench set or adjustable wrench
  5. Metric Socket set
How To Replace Soft Serve Control Board 
  1. Power off and unplug the machine.
Warning:  It is very important to unplug the machine.  Power will be active on parts of the machine anytime the machine is plugged in.  Risk of shock.
  1. Version 1, Flat-Front Models: Remove Front Cover (if Version 2, skip to Step 3)
  1. Remove the draw switch cover from the front panel by pulling gently while pinching both sides of the cover. 
  2. Remove the two black bolt covers on either side of the front panel
  3. Using a 6mm Allen/Hex key, remove the bolt and washer from both sides of the front panel
  4. From the bottom of the cover, gently pull down and outward to remove the panel.  If the model has metal draw paddles, the panel should gently slide between the paddles and the draw valves.  In some cases, it may be easiest to remove the dispensing door assembly.
Note: There is generally sufficient excess wiring to be able to hold the panel several inches out from the front of the machine allowing for any repair.  Be careful not to hang or otherwise put excessive force on these wires.  The front panel should be held manually or secured in place by other means during repair.
  1. Version 2, C-Line Models: Remove Front Cover
  1. Using a Philips Head screwdriver, remove the bolts from the bottom of the over-head panel, and set aside.
  2. Gently pull down and out on the panel to remove the front panel from the machine.  
  1. Carefully remove silicone glue from the three green board connectors and disconnect the connectors from the board.  Be especially careful not to damage or pull out the wires or wire pin crimps.
  2. Using a 7mm socket wrench, remove the outer four locking nuts from board and two inner locking nuts.  Be careful not to damage the board or components during removal.
  1. Remove the control board, noting orientation and placement of wires.  Ensure that the white board spacers remain on the threaded board mounting studs, or are set aside if loose.
  2. As required, remove the Coin-cell battery from the control board that was removed, and install on the new control board.
  3. Install the replacement control board onto the board studs.  Ensure the board spacers are installed on the threaded board mounting studs before installing the control board.
  4. Using 7mm socket, reinstall all six locking nuts onto the new board.  Be careful to not over-tighten and damage the board.  Tuck wires back into original placement underneath or behind the control board.
Warning: Boards that are over-tightened will not allow for proper button movement, and the board may not function.
  1. Reinstall green connectors into their appropriate position on the replacement board.
  2. Reinstall front panel onto machine, reversing Step 2 for Version 1 or Step 3 for Version 2.
  3. Reference the PAE document to set all settings to factory default.

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