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Spaceman USA offers an Air Chute option on most of its models.  For models produced prior to 2021, air chutes may or may not be able to be added after the fact.  For these models, please email Spaceman USA Technical Support for more information.  For all models manufactured beginning in 2021, the Air Chute feature can be added by the end user after the fact with simple tools. 

Spaceman USA machines come standard with a side or rear exhaust for the refrigeration system, and side or rear inlets for air flow.  As such, all standard Spaceman USA machines require a minimum of 6” of clearance on the sides and rear of the machine for sufficient airflow for the machine to work properly.  If either the air inlets, or the air exhaust are blocked, the machine will not perform correctly, and in severe cases, the machine and its components could be damaged.  The Air Chute option allows the user to reduce this clearance requirement on the exhaust side of the machine only.  The Air Chute is a special stainless steel exhaust panel that attaches to the exhaust side of the machine that directs the exhaust air vertically, rather than horizontally, out of the machine.  The air chute is 3-4” thick, which reduces the clearance requirement for the machine by 2-3” only on the exhaust side.

For counter top models, the air chute requires a special panel to be purchased along with the air chute.  For most models, we have included the panel in an assembly for easy purchasing.  For floor standing models, the air chute bolts onto the pillars of the machine, and additional panels are not required.  Please see below for the correct air chute and panel part number for your machine.

Special Note: 6” of Clearance is still required on all of the air-inlet sides.  It is also important that the top exhaust is not blocked or clogged with sufficient clearance above the machine.

Soft Serve Air-Chutes

Part Number


Includes Panel(s)

Model: SM-6210-C


No Air Chute Option Available


Model: SM-6228H-C, SM-6228AH-C

Air Chute - 6228-C/6228-AC


Model: SM-6235H-C, SM-6235AH-C

Air Chute - 6235-C/6235A-C


Model: SM-6236H-C, SM-6236AH-C

Air Chute - 6236-C/6236-AC


Model: SM-6250H-C, SM-6250AH-C  :: Pre Serial # 201011

Air Chute - 6250-C/6250-AC

No, req 2

Panel - Lower Rear - Air Chute - 6250-C/6250-AC

Panel - Upper Rear - Air Chute - 6250-C/6250-AC


Model: SM-6250H-C, SM-6250AH-C  :: Post Serial # 201011


Air Chute v2 - 6250-C/6250-AC


Model: SM-6378H-C, SM-6378AH-C  :: Pre Serial # 201018

Air Chute - 6378-C/6378-AC

No, req 2

Panel - Air Chute - 6378-C/6378-AC - Lower Rear

Panel - Air Chute - 6378-C/6378-AC - Upper Rear


Model: SM-6378H-C, SM-6378AH-C  :: Post Serial # 201018


Air Chute v2 - 6378-C/6378-AC


Frozen Beverage Air-Chutes

Part Number


Includes Panel(s)

Model: SM-6490H

Air Chute - 6490 - Hopper Agitator


Panel - Air Chute - 6490 - Left - Hopper Agitator


Model: SM-6450-C

Air Chute – 6250-C


Model: SM-6455-C

Air Chute – 6455-C


Model: SM-6650-C

Air Chute - 6650-C


Model: SM-6690-C

Air Chute - 6690-C


Model: SM-6695-C

Air Chute - 6695-C


Model: SM-6795-C  :: Post Serial # 201011


Air Chute v2 – 6795-C


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