Machine Operation Cleaning

Machine Operation Cleaning

Machine Operation :: Cleaning

Cleaning your Spaceman machine consists of draining out all the product, rinsing, washing, and re-assembling all the food-contact parts with proper lubrication.  Along with your operator manual, Spaceman provides a Cleaning Guide and adhesive-backed protective covering with your machine.  This Cleaning Guide can be affixed to the side of your machine for quick reference to ensure all the disassembly and assembly steps are followed correctly.  For more information on the cleaning guide for your machine, please refer to your manual.

Note:  The more often you clean your machine, the better product consistency you'll experience.  Your machine will also last longer and experience fewer service events when it is properly maintained.
Notice:  If your equipment is having issues related to product quality, or encountering STOP protections, Spaceman USA may require you to first Clean & Lubricate the machine and conduct preventative maintenance (including replacing quarterly wearable parts) in order to perform troubleshooting or warranty service.
  1. Spaceman recommends cleaning your machine as often as possible.  The more often you clean your machine, the fresher your product will remain, and the longer your machine and its parts will last.  You should always check with your local health department to determine the maximum time allowed between cleanings.
  2. Always inspect your wearable parts for damage or excessive wear, and always replace with genuine Spaceman parts and food-grade lubrication.  It is a good idea to always keep spare wearable parts, lubrication, and sanitizer on-hand.  Having these spare parts on hand is cheap insurance to ensuring your machine will always be running at peak performance.  All Spaceman OEM parts are available at PartsTown .  For more information on wearable parts, please see the Soft Serve Tune Up Kits  or Frozen Beverage Tune Up Kits Article. 
  3. Below are a few videos on how to properly clean your Spaceman USA Machine

Cleaning your Frozen Beverage Machine

Cleaning your Gravity Fed Soft Serve Machine

Cleaning your Air Pump Fed Soft Serve Machine

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