Frozen Beverage: Replacing Control Board

FB: Replacing Control Board

How-To Guide :: Frozen Beverage :: Replacing Control Board

All Spaceman Frozen Beverage machines are equipped with an analog control board.  There is one control board per flavor.  This board reads all of the sensors and switches on the machine, determines when each component should be turned on or off, and uses on-board relays to turn the various motors, compressors, etc. on or off.

Parts Ordering: The replacement Control Board for Spaceman Frozen Beverage machines can be purchased via PartsTown.  The part number is: 

Required Tools

  1. Metric Hex Driver or Allen key set
  2. Flathead Screwdriver set
  3. Philips-head screwdriver set
  4. Metric Wrench set or adjustable wrench
  5. Metric Socket set

How To Replace Frozen Beverage Control Board
  1. Power off, and unplug the machine. 
Warning:  It is very important to unplug the machine.  Power will be active on parts of the control board anytime the machine is plugged in.  Risk of shock.

  1. Remove the panel on the side that has the electrical box.  This panel is the one with one or two green square buttons.
  2. Remove the small electrical box cover that houses the control board.
  3. Most Control Boards are attached with four (4) clip-on standoffs.  To remove the control board, open the clips and lift the control board off the standoffs.  In some cases, the boards may be installed using a 7mm locking nut.  In these cases, use a 7mm socket wrench to remove the outer 4 locking nuts from board.
  4. Carefully remove silicone glue from the three green board connectors and disconnect the connectors from the board.  Be especially careful not to damage or pull out the wires or wire pin crimps.
  5. Remove the control board, noting orientation and placement of wires.
  6. Install new board in original position.  Tuck wires back into original placement underneath or behind control board.
  7. If the control board uses white standoffs, clip the replacement board in place.  If the machine uses 7mm locking nuts, use a 7mm socket wrench to reinstall all 4 locking nuts onto the new board.  Ensure the board spacers are installed on the threaded standoff prior to installing.  Be careful not to over-tighten and damage the board.
  8. Reinstall green connectors into their appropriate position on the replacement board.
  9. Follow the instructions in the FB: Viscosity Controls article to ensure the new control board is operating correctly.  
  10. Install electrical box cover, and replace outer panel.

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