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Spaceman gravity fed soft serve machines utilize air tubes to achieve different levels of overrun. The standard air tube has an inlet diameter of 7mm. Air tubes with variable size inlet holes of 4.2mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm can be swapped to provide different levels of overrun.

The smaller diameter inlet hole allows less product and more air into the cylinder, achieving a higher overrun than standard. The larger diameter inlet hole allows more product and less air into the cylinder, achieving a lower overrun than standard.

Part Ordering:  Replacement Air Tubes can be purchased directly from Spaceman.

Part Number


Compatible Models

4.2 mm Inlet Hole

6228, 6228A, 6228C, 6235, 6235-C (105-01-00 to 105-02-02), 6235A, 6235C, 6236, 6236-C, 6236-C (107-01-00 to 107-02-02), 6236A, 6236C, 6250, 6250-C, 6250-C (105-01-00 to 105-02-03), 6250A, 6265, 6268, 6378, 6378-C, 6378-C (113-01-00 to 113-02-02), 6378A, 6378AD, 6378D

5.0 mm Inlet Hole

6.0 mm Inlet Hole

7.0 mm Inlet Hole


8.0 mm Inlet Hole

Note: Air Tubes do NOT ship with O-rings, however they can be purchased in packs of 4 using part number

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