Frozen Beverage Brix Level

Frozen Beverage Brix Level

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All frozen beverage machines require a specific Brix level to freeze product correctly.  If you are planning on making your own custom product, or even mixing your product using a concentrate or powder, you will want to ensure your Brix level (dissolved sugar content) is within range.  This will ensure your product freezes correctly in your machine.  One-degree Brix is equal to 1 gram of sucrose per 100 grams of solution.  Brix represents the strength of the solution as percentage by mass.  Various things can affect the Brix level of your product, including: sugar content, alcohol content, other dissolved solids such as flavorings, etc.  


You will need to have a Brix Refractometer, which can be purchased here, that specifically measures the brix level of a liquid.  The required Brix levels for Spaceman USA machines is provided below.  

Spaceman USA recommends verifying the product’s Brix level for every batch that you make to ensure consistency.

For detailed instructions on how to measure your product's Brix level, please see the following article:

Recommended Brix Levels

For most frozen beverage products, Spaceman USA recommends a Brix level of 13-18 degrees Brix.

Special Note: For 2020 and newer models that have a viscosity control where the user can select 1-6, Spaceman USA does not recommend running a Brix level lower than 12 degrees Brix.

Frozen Beverage Machines

SM-6455H, SM-6490H, SM-6650, SM-6690H, SM-6695H, SM-6795H

Suggested Degrees Brix: 13-18

Brix Issues

If your Brix Level is too high or too low, or if your brix level varies between batches, you may experience a variety of product quality issues.  As Brix level increases, the freezing temperature of the product decreases.  As the Brix level decreases, the freezing temperature increases.  This means that as the Brix level increases, the viscosity setting must also increase, and vice versa.  So, if the Brix level of your product changes, and you do not change your viscosity accordingly, you may end up with soft and runny product or a freeze-up.  Therefore, checking the Brix level of every batch is very important.  If you don’t know your Brix level, you will never be able to achieve consistent results out of your machine.

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