Repalletizing Machines for Shipment

Repalletizing Machines for Shipment

Repalletizing Machines
If your Spaceman USA machine needs to be shipped for any reason, you may be required to palletize your machine for the shipment.  This article will help ensure that you re-palletize your machine correctly in order to prevent any shipping damage.  If you have any questions during the re-palletizing process, please contact Spaceman USA Technical Service at: +1 (720) 328-1020, or e-mail to  

Important:   Prior to shipment, be sure to take  several pictures of the re-palletized machine at various stages of the palletization process.  These pictures ensure that a freight claim can be filed in the event that shipping damage occurs to the machine.  If Spaceman USA is shipping your machine, we cannot authorize the pickup of your machine until these pictures are received and a Spaceman USA technical service representative has signed off that the machine is adequately prepared for shipment.

Prior to Re-Palletizing
Depending on the circumstances of your shipment, Spaceman USA may be sending you tools and packaging materials prior to re-palletizing your machine.  If you are being sent packaging materials, DO NOT discard tools or packaging materials, as these are very important for the proper packaging and strapping of your machine to prevent damage during shipment.  If damage is caused due to improper packaging and strapping, you may be responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing the unit.  

You will need all of the following items.  If Spaceman USA is not sending you materials, you will need to procure all of the following items:
  1. Decked Pallet.  36"x40" is minimum recommended size for all machines.  Minimum deck thickness is 5/8" for floor standing and 1/2" for countertop.  Deck CANNOT be OSB or other particle board as these will break during shipment
  2. Strapping Material. Strapping material should be 1/2" or 5/8" poly-strapping with a rated weight capacity of at least 800 lbs.
  3. Strapping Seals.  Strapping seals should be properly sized for your strapping material, and designed for use with Poly Strapping
  4. Strapping Tensioner.  A strapping tensioner for poly strapping should be utilized
  5. Strapping Sealer Tool.  A sealer tool is used to close and secure the strapping seals
  6. Plastic bag / wrap.  Plastic should be used to protect the machine.
  7. Cardboard box or other protection.  If Spaceman USA is providing the packaging materials, you will be sent a cardboard box that will fit around your machine.  Otherwise, you are responsible for providing protection for the machine during shipment.
Spaceman USA strapping kit:

Strapping Instructions
  1. If you received a 36" x 40" decked pallet from Spaceman, this is your main shipping platform.  Carefully place the machine on the center of the pallet such that the side of the machine is parallel to the side of the pallet where the forks are inserted.  The machine should align with pre-drilled holes in the deck of the pallet.  Remove any handles, drip trays, etc. and package for shipment.  If the machine is a floor standing machine with casters, LOCK the casters to prevent the machine from rolling.  

  2. Using one piece of the strapping material, wrap both ends of the strapping around the machine and through the holes in the decked pallet.  Be sure that there are NO twists in the strapping material, especially underneath the pallet.   Insert the edge-guards underneath the strapping along the edges of the machine.
    Note: Install strapping directly above the vertical pillars of the machine at the very front and back of the machine.  Do not strap across the middle of the machine or you may cause damage.

  3. Hold the two ends of the strapping material along the side of the machine.  On the tensioner tool, squeeze the handle and base together.  Insert the end of the strapping that is going upward under the gripper plate and cutter wheel.  Leave approximately 5" of strapping off the front end of the tensioner

  4. Release the handle and base to hold the strapping in place.  Then feed the other end of the strapping material that is going downward through the cutter wheel and up through the windlass.  Pull the strapping fairly tight.

  5. Move the tensioning lever forward and back to begin tensioning.  Continue until the strapping is taught.  Do NOT over-tighten as this may cause damage to the machine.
  6. Place the seal in front of the tensioner with the open side toward the machine and over BOTH pieces of strapping
  7. Open the sealer and place over the seal completely.  
  8. Press the sealer handles together firmly to crimp the seal tightly over both straps

  9. Squeeze the handle and base of the tensioner together to cut and release the strapping, sliding the tensioner off to the right.

  10. Repeat steps 2-9 on both the front and back of the machine to secure the machine to the pallet.
    Note: See picture in first step for proper strap placement
  11. Place any additional parts, such as handles, drip trays, etc. inside the hopper, or along the front of the machine.
    Note: Any parts placed in the hopper MUST be wrapped in plastic, or some other protective material to prevent damage to the inside of the hopper
  12. Place the plastic bag over the top of the machine, or wrap the machine in plastic wrap designed for shipping.
  13. Place the box or other protective crate over top of the machine and spare parts.
  14. Repeat steps 2-9 to strap the box to the pallet.  On Spaceman Decked Pallets, a second set of holes should be visible to strap the box to.
  15. Verify the machine and box are secure in place and ready for shipment.

Shipping Machine
  1. Spaceman USA will have provided you with labels and Bills of Lading.  Please print two copies of the label and two copies of the Bill of Lading.
  2. Affix one label to the front of the box with tape.  If the machine is a counter top, affix the second label to the top of the box with tape.  If the machine is floor-standing, affix the second label to the opposite side of the box.

  3. Place the BOL's on top of the machine, Your machine is now ready for pickup.
  4. If you are returning your machine to Spaceman USA for service, call Spaceman USA at 720-323-1020, or respond to your RMA Service ticket from to let them know your machine is ready for pickup.  You will be required to send pictures of the shipment to verify the machine is packaged and strapped properly.  Spaceman USA will schedule a FedEx pickup from your location as soon as possible upon notice and approval for return.
  5. If Spaceman USA provided you with packaging materials and tools, you will also have received a return label for these tools.  Please place them back in the box they were shipped in and tape the box shut.  Affix the return label to the box.  Spaceman USA will schedule a FedEx Express pickup for these tools.

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