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Thermal Expansion Valves

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Spaceman soft serve and frozen beverage machines use a thermal expansion valve to control the refrigeration flow to the freezing cylinders.  Hoppers are controlled exclusively by capillary tubes and never use a thermal expansion valve.  Spaceman uses two types of thermal expansion valves, both manufactured by Danfoss.  The first style, known as the TUB series, includes the filter and correct orifice pre-installed into the valve.  The second style, the T2 Series, requires two parts: the valve body, and the correct orifice for each machine.  Both parts should be replaced anytime you replace the main valve body.  The TUB series is braze-in style while the T2 series uses a flare nut and copper adapters.
Important: Each machines has its own configuration of Main Compressor(s), Auxiliary Compressor (if applicable), Thermal Expansion Valve(s), Capillary Tube(s), and solenoids to control the refrigeration to the various components.  Always refer to the Refrigeration Diagram for your model and configuration ID to identify the correct refrigeration flow and configuration.  The Configuration ID (Model ID) for your machine will help identify the correct Thermal Expansion valve that is used in your machine.
When replacing a Thermal Expansion Valve on a Spaceman machine, it is important to first identify whether you have a TUB style or a T2 style valve and then order the replacement valve accordingly.  If the original style of valve is out of stock or unavailable, it is possible to directly replace with the alternative style, however some re-routing of refrigeration lines may be required.

Part Ordering:  Replacement thermal expansion valves and orifices can be purchased at PartsTown.  

Selecting the Correct Thermal Expansion Valve

Note: Always refer to the parts list and inspecting the physical valve for your particular machine and configuration ID.  The below chart is a good reference, but is subject to change.  The TUB and T2 style valves have been used interchangeably during times of unreliability in the supply chain.  

 (all configurations)

TUB Series

T2 Series

Part #


Part #



Expansion Valve - TUB2129

Expansion Valve - T2 (Adapters included)

Orifice - No.00


Expansion Valve - TUB2131

Expansion Valve - T2 (Adapters included)

Orifice - No.01


Expansion Valve - TUB2132

Expansion Valve - T2 (Adapters included)

Orifice - No.02


Expansion Valve - TUB2134

Expansion Valve - T2 (Adapters included)

Orifice - No.03

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