Machine Operation Daily Tasks

Machine Operation Daily Tasks

Machine Operation :: Daily Tasks


Throughout each day, you should perform several tasks multiple times.  These tasks are intended to keep your Spaceman machine operating at peak performance for many years to come.  These tasks also help prevent the machine from running into issues and having down-time.

  1. You should regularly inspect your air-tubes, drip trays, and star-caps.  Spaceman recommends removing, cleaning, and sanitizing air-tubes, star-caps, and drip trays multiple times throughout the day
Warning:  If your air-tubes ever become clogged, this can lead to starvation of the cylinder, which can cause a freeze up (STOP 1 or STOP 2 protection Error).  Regularly cleaning and sanitizing these parts is important to help prevent that.
  1. It is important that your hoppers remain free of foam and solids.  Most Spaceman machines are equipped with a hopper agitator to prevent liquid product from settling.  Throughout the day, you should regularly check and scoop out any foam or solids that have developed with a clean, sanitized spoon.  
Notice:  If your hoppers get too much foam build-up, they can clog the cylinder product inlet, or potentially freeze up the inside of the hopper causing freezing and product consistency issues.
  1. To keep a clean and safe environment, Spaceman recommends wiping down the exterior of the machine with a clean, sanitized rag or towel.   This should be performed only with a clean towel and water mixed with sanitizer to prevent any contamination.

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