Frozen Beverage Installing Spinner

Frozen Beverage Installing Spinner

How-To Guide :Frozen Beverage :: Installing Spinner

Spaceman USA sells several Frozen Beverage machines with a Spinner option.  The spinner can be used to mix frozen beverage products, such as milkshakes, smoothies, and slushies.  Spaceman machines are designed to be used with a Hamilton Beach HMD-300 wall mount spinner.  

All Spaceman machines with a spinner option are shipped with the Hamilton Beach Spinner, a spinner mounting plate, and 4x M4x25 counter sunk screws.  The machine will be pre-wired and have all other mounting hardware already installed on the machine.

Warning:  When installing the spinner, always be sure to have the machine power turned OFF and have the machine unplugged.  There is live voltage at the spinner wires whenever the machine is plugged into power.  It is very important to have the machine unplugged prior to installing the spinner. 
How to Install the Spinner

  1. Power off, and unplug the machine from wall.
  2. Remove the Spinner from the Hamilton Beach packaging.  Your spinner should have a rubber gasket and the M4x25 screws may be included in the Hamilton Beach box.
  3. Remove the Spinner Mounting Plate from the machine hopper, and remove packaging.
  4. Install the rubber gasket onto the spinner in the correct orientation
  5. Feed the electrical connector through the mounting plate
  6. Install the mounting plate onto the spinner.  The metal-side should be toward the spinner, with the foam side away from the spinner.  The foam will rest against the machine.  Also make sure the slots in the mounting plate are oriented toward the bottom of the spinner.
  7. Use the 4x M4x25 countersunk screws to attach the mounting plate to the spinner.  You may use the screws to poke holes in the foam.
  8. On the machine, remove the top two spinner mounting screws and set aside.
  9. Loosen the bottom two spinner mounting screws, but do not remove.
  10. Connect the spinner electrical connector to the electrical connector on the machine.  Ensure the wiring is correct as follows: Black to Red, White to White, Green to Yellow/Green.
  11. Install the spinner mounting plate onto the bottom two mounting screws, and push the wiring back into the machine.
  12. Install and tighten the top two mounting screws
  13. Tighten the bottom two spinner mounting screws
  14. Your spinner is now installed and ready to be used.  To test, plug the machine into power.  On most machines, you can press the spinner trigger to activate the spinner any time the machine is plugged in.

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