FB: Manual Machine Reset

FB: Manual Machine Reset

How-To Guide :: Frozen Beverage :: Manual Machine Reset

A thermal overload occurs due to a frozen cylinder. Frozen cylinders result from a variety of factors. Check out the Frozen Cylinder Troubleshooting guide to troubleshoot the causes of a frozen cylinder.

When a freeze-up occurs in a Spaceman USA Frozen Beverage machine the thermal overload relay will trip to protect the motor and gearbox shutting down the respective side of the machine. 

To reset a tripped thermal relay, firmly push the green circle at the back of the machine for the side which has become non-responsive. For 6450-C models, there is a small circular cutout in the panel (covered by a rubber cover), carefully press the blue button on the inside of that cutout to reset the machine.

If the unit does not return to operation a manual reset of the thermal overload relay is required.  To conduct a manual reset you will need access to the back panel, a flat-head screwdriver, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a 6mm hex wrench. Follow the steps below to complete a manual reset: 

  1. Unplug your machine from the outlet.

  2. Remove the machine panel on the side with the reset button and set the panel to the side in a secure location.  

  3. Behind the machine panel you will see a black cover with green buttons on it. Unscrew the four screws from the panel and set them in a secure location.

  4. Remove that panel. Do not disconnect the white cables connected to the green low mix alarm silence button. (If the white wires do get disconnected, please reconnect them to the button. The white wires can be reconnected to either connector.)

  5. You will see two thermal overload relays that have red and blue buttons on them. Locate the relay for the side of the machine that is not operational. 

  6. Firmly push the blue button. You should hear an audible click when completed correctly. 

  7. Plug the machine back in and turn the power switch to WASH. 

  8. Does the motor start? 

  1. (Yes) Turn the machine off and reinstall the parts and panels removed earlier and continue to step 9.

  2.  (No) Turn the machine off, unplug the machine, and repeat step 5. If the unit does not restart after multiple attempts, contact Spaceman Customer Success at 720-328-1020 Option #2

  1. Once the machine is securely reassembled return the unit into operation.

If thermal overloads occur regularly check torque rod installation, and the product brix, and ensure purge and priming procedures are followed during startup.

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