Spaceman 6795-C Dual Cord Conversion

6795-C Dual Cord Conversion

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Spaceman Model SM-6795-C Is shipped standard with a single cord designed to operate on a 30A dedicated circuit.  Generally this configuration uses the least amount of power and is the simplest.  Spaceman recommends a single cord whenever possible.  The Model SM-6795D-C is shipped standard with a dual cord, designed to operate on two dedicated 20A circuits, one circuit for each side of the machine.  In some cases, a customer replacing an older model that used a dual plug may require a dual cord conversion from a single cord version.  This article provides instructions on converting a single-cord SM-6795-C to a dual-cord version.
Note: This process is only available on SM-6795-C machines with a Configuration ID of 103-02-05 or greater, manufactured after April 1st, 2022.

Tools and Materials Needed

  1. QTY 2x NEMA L6-20P Plugs
  2. QTY 15ft 14GA 3-Wire power cord, flexible
  3. Power Cord Grommet
  4. Various flat head and Phillips head screwdrivers
  5. Metric Hex Driver or Allen Key Set
  6. Small crescent or metric wrench set
  7. Wire strippers and crimpers
  8. 14ga narrow spade connectors
  9. Drill and drill bit large enough for power cord grommet
  1. Turn power to the machine OFF, and unplug from the wall.
  2. Remove the top left panel (facing the front of the machine). 
  3. Remove the cover of the electrical box, carefully disconnect the low-mix alarm wires.
  4. Remove the yellow jumper from the left two terminals of the terminal block and plug into the right two terminals (pic. 1).
  5. Run a 4-meter long 3-wire, 14 gauge power cord through the rear bottom of the chassis (pic. 2) into the Left side electrical box.  You may need to drill a hole and provide a grommet to adequately protect the power cord running through the chassis.
  6. Strip and crimp an appropriate spade connector to the black and white wires of the power cord.  Connect the black and white wires to L1 (black) and L3 (white) terminals on the top of the compressor contactor.
  7. Strip and crimp an appropriate spade connector to the green (green/yellow) wire and attach to the ground terminal on the side of the electrical box (pic. 3).
  8. Install a new L6-20P plug on the newly added power cord.
  9. Replace the L6-30P plug on the existing power cord (Right side) with a new L6-20P plug.
WARNING: Wires coming from L1 (black) and L3 (white) terminals of the contactor MUST be connected to X (hot, large spade) and Y (neutral, small spade) terminals of the plug in the same order. Failure to match up the Hot and Neutral wires will provide incorrect power to the machine and will damage the machine.
Caution:  Before plugging the plugs into the wall receptacles, check and verify that the two outlets are also properly wired to match the Hot and Neutral lines.  If wired incorrectly, the machine will trip the circuit breaker and/or burn fuses.  Damage may occur.

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